Aquatic Group Fitness

Baby Boomers have long known the advantages of creating fitness in the water, but the market has also grown to include recreational athletes, professional and elite athletes, younger adults, mind-body enthusiasts, those looking for sustainable weight loss and prehab/rehab clients who are undertaking physical conditioning prior/post surgery.

At Health thru Fitness, we believe a variety of exercise options will ensure you don’t get bored while building strength and flexibility more quickly. And of course in the humid and sticky summers in Brisbane, exercising in the water is a great way to keep fit while keeping cool. You will work with aquatic dumbbells, kick-boards and pool noodles  as well as your own body weight to engage your full range of muscle groups.

Aquatic exercise is more kind on the joints and excellent for people suffering arthritis and other joint related conditions.  And did you know you can burn more calories in a water fitness class than on land? This is a result of the resistance of the water as you move around. So adding aquatic exercise to your weight management program makes a whole lot of sense.

You will work under the guidance of a certified Personal Trainer who is qualified and experienced as an Aquatic Fitness Instructor and a Senior’s Fitness Instructor.


AQUA Fitness Classes   

Mondays 7:45am – 8:45am

(Classes resume 08/10/18) 

Give your health a boost with this 60 minute class, conducted at the Taylor Range Country Club, Greenlanes Road, The Gap/Ashgrove from October to April each year.

These classes are specifically programmed for the active adult over 50 years or those wanting to become active,  but classes are open to all ages. You can join any time during the season.

Perhaps you are just beginning your fitness journey or you don’t have a whole lot of experience of exercising in the pool.  Or maybe you are returning to exercise after a break. You don’t have to be able to swim, nor will you be required to put your head under the water, but you should feel comfortable about exercising in water that comes up to mid chest level. You are guaranteed to have lots of fun, enjoy the friendship of others and learn how to exercise safely within a respectful environment. At all times you will be encouraged to work within your own limits.

Worried about how you look in your swimmers?  Please don’t be. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and believe me, no-one is judging you or even noticing what you look like. If you really feel self-conscious then you might want to think about wearing some exercise shorts under your swimmers.  You will feel a lot more relaxed and free to enjoy yourself. Wearing a rashie will protect you from the sun and maintain your core body temperature if you feel the cold but is not compulsory.  T-shirts are fine, but they do become heavy once wet. The pool at Taylor Range is a stable 28 degrees all year round but can feel warmer during heatwave conditions.

Classes are just $15 each and there are no additional pool entry fees. The HTF Loyalty Program will give you your 10th class FREE and can be used across all HTF classes. Coming with a spouse or partner? You’ll pay $20/couple (loyalty bonus doesn’t apply).

You are not required to be a member of the Taylor Range Country Club to participate in these classes. Bring a hat and water, aqua shoes are optional but not necessary. Sunscreen is provided but feel free to bring your own.  All equipment is provided but you are welcome to bring your own water weights, kickboard or noodle should you have them.

If you are carrying a significant injury or illness or just want to chat about the class,  please ring Ruth on 0411 492 340 or click below to discuss if these classes are suitable for your condition.

Please seek advice from your Doctor or Allied Health Professional should you have an injury or medical condition that could be adversely affected by exercise.



Wednesdays 6:30pm – 7:30pm

(Next 6 week block commences 7th November 2018 – $90)

Don’t be put off by the “running” in this class, it just means moving about in the pool. With the aid of a buoyancy belt (supplied) you will work out in the deeper (1.7m) end of the pool. You’re not required to put your head under water, nor be able to swim but you will need to be comfortable working out in the deep end of the pool.

This class is open to everyone and is by registration only.  The second and final 9 week block for the 2018/19 season commences 30th January 2019 and costs $135 payable in advance. Check your social calendar as there is a ‘no refund” policy on these classes for any classes you do not attend. You do have the option to slip into the Monday morning class as a make-up class. Spots fill fast and class numbers are limited so registering early is essential if you want to do these classes. Registration will open 1st October 2018.  This program is a great workout for those working on their weight loss as well as building core strength and cardio-respiratory fitness. Exercising in deeper water is also good for those who are carrying a knee or hip injury as there is no impact with the pool floor.

If you’re really lucky you’ll see some of the most spectacular moon rises over the pool while you’re exercising. And sometimes the local Kookaburras sit and watch in the hope we have a spare sausage or two. Life can be magical.

To register or for more information please click below to leave your details or phone Ruth on 0411 492 340.  Remember you must register to attend these 6 and 8 week blocks.  The second and final 8 week block for the season commences Wednesday 30th January 2019.

As a registered member of Fitness Australia, clients of Health thru Fitness may be able to claim a rebate for exercise classes. Please check with your health fund for full details as to your eligibility. Participating health funds include AHM, Westfund, Health Partners, IF, NIB, Medibank, HCF, Australian Unity, Teachers Health Fund


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